Is Google going to kill your psychologist website SEO?

Improve your psychologist website SEO and stand out from the crowd
The Internet is a very crowded place. Improve your psychologist website SEO and stand out. Keep your site and content optimized for ongoing changes to the Google Search algorithms.

Concerned about helping your clients? You should also be concerned about boosting your therapy or psychologist website SEO. If you want to help people, you need them to find you. And, if you want clients to find you, you need to appear in Google search results. You need “psychologist website SEO”.

Even clients who have a referral will Google you before they call
– TherapyEverywhere SEO Team

Staying current with your clients takes effort. And, staying on top of the search results takes effort too. According to Moz, Google implements more than 500 changes to the search algorithms each year. While most changes are minor, some updates can have a catastrophic impact on your psychologist website SEO.

“Death Takes No Bribes” and neither does Google

You can rank way up on search results even if you are a solo practice or a small-medium size program. Google doesn’t take bribes to push your site up in search results. Google also won’t give you psychologist website SEO ranking because you are an excellent therapist. And, they won’t show your website in the top ten even if you call them up and ask really nicely.

There is only one way to get consistent search results for your mental health website: convince Google’s algorithm that your website is a relevant, useful, and engaging when people search: “I need help with….”, “I am worried about…”, “My child….”, “My marriage….”). Good SEO ranking for those searches is what you need.

Stay focused on taking care of your clients. Therapy Everywhere focuses on getting the clients to your website.

You’re a therapist, not a full-time Google SEO maven

You need to be fully present for your clients. Keeping up with Google’s frequent changes to search algorithms is our job. We keep your site focused on delivering what Google values. While you focus on delivering great care we maximize the number of potential clients that find you and your practice. We are website SEO experts for mental health practices.

Google algorithm changes that most affect your practice website

With the spread of A.I., mobile devices, rolling updates, and rapid changes in ads, your website’s search ranking is in play. It can get better, and it can get worse. Here are a few of the most critical changes and what we are doing to keep our websites current.

Mobile is the future – enhancing the mobile experience

To better support smartphone browsing, Google shifted focus to improving search satisfaction for mobile users. Google mobile-first indexing means that Google will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking.

Our tech team at Therapy Everywhere has been working hard to ensure that our sites are mobile friendly to the max. Our goal is the fastest, most positive user experience on mobile. Some changes we are making to optimize our sites for mobile include improving site speed, optimizing images for mobile devices, and tweaking the site layout for better user experiences on smartphones.

Speed, speed, and more speed translates to psychologist website SEO

Until now, Google has relied on user experience metrics to rank websites. Starting in July 2018, Google added speed as a key ranking factor, penalizing the slowest sites. Our tech team has been rolling out changes to ensure website content loads faster, improving performance on Google and boosting your psychologist website SEO.

get https - maximize your psychologist website SEO
Getting an SSL certificate for your website is part of your “safe space”

Google penalties for sites without HTTPS

Google trusts sites that have a security certificate and awards higher SEO ranking to sites with HTTPS.

Worse, Google Chrome and other browsers discourage visitors from sites without SSL by displaying a “not-secure” warning next to the website’s URL. This warning discourages site visitors from engaging on your site.

Therapy Everywhere includes complementary SSL security on your website. Contact us to learn more.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to actions that you can take to persuade Google’s algorithms to feature your site when a potential client searches for a therapist, counseling, psychologist, or help with the problems that you treat. Click here to learn more about SEO for therapists.

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