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If you want to expand your practice, having a website isn’t enough. To get more clients, you need a great website.

Our websites for therapists in private practice and group practices are attractive and modern. They are optimized for Google search and mobile-friendly. Our websites feature engaging and relevant content that will encourage potential clients to reach out to you. All this for as little as $68.99 a month.

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A beautiful website with no hidden costs

We create modern, easy to navigate websites for therapists that impress potential clients. Our prices are lower than you will find with custom web designers, and we pride ourselves on getting your website online within 7 business days of purchasing your domain. Click here to see some of our therapist websites.

A customized website in your voice

The internet is full of generic websites for therapists that repeat the same canned content and do nothing to reach out to the type of client you really want to bring to your practice. At the heart of our approach is creating a website that is written in your voice. Your website reflects you, your approach, your strengths as a therapist, and the type of client you want to help most.

Before we build your website, you will have a one-hour structured interview with your account manager who has experience managing dozens of therapist websites. He or she knows how to communicate your therapeutic approach in a way that potential clients can understand and relate to. We are proud of the individual relationship we have with each of our therapists and the time we take to understand what makes each practice unique.

The latest technology and techniques

Many therapists pay thousands of dollars for a great looking website and then do nothing while it becomes progressively more and more irrelevant to their current practice.

We continually employ the latest search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure that your website has a fair shot at reaching #1 on Google.

Your business won’t stand still and your website should not either. By signing up for continued digital marketing services, you get the guarantee that your website will be updated to reflect all the changes in your practice as your practice grows. We spend time on your website every month, ensuring it stays active and relevant to google and your clients.

Attractive on every device

Half of all web visits today come from mobile devices. Our responsive-designed websites ensure that your website looks great on any device – desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Well-written content

Some great therapists are also great writers, but we want to free you up to spend time helping your clients. Let us do the writing for you. Our writers are published in academic journals and various health organizations.  All you have to do is tell our writers what you need to convey and leave it to them.


How fast is the website for your private practice? A 1-second delay in page loading time leads to 7% fewer conversions, 11% fewer pages visited, and a 16% reduction in client satisfaction. Our websites for therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are speedy, SEO-optimized, and written to bring you the clients that you want to treat. Contact us about how we can help you get more therapy clients.

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