Using email to build your practice

Constant Contact Partner - email newsletters for therapy pracrticesYou know that you should use email to build your practice. The professionals at Therapy Everywhere have a proven track record of helping therapists leverage email to generate referrals and new clients.

Need to get started? Choose Email Launch to go from brainstorming to your first email. Already have a newsletter but need help getting out regular email blasts? Choose Email Pro. Need an expert consult with specific recommendations? Choose Email Expert.

Brainstorm/ discover

Meet with a Therapy Everywhere expert to discuss the best way to use email to build your mental health practice and programs. Determine what essential messages need to be conveyed, and determine who are your referral sources. Assess your email list and make a plan for growing the list. This thirty-minute online meeting is held within six business days of your order.

Newsletter template

We will set up a clean, professional template that conveys the messages that you want to send. You can use the same template for multiple newsletters, changing the content for each email campaign. Let us worry about the technical side of the process.

Our service includes customizing the design, colors, logo, and contact details for your practice. The template will be responsive, which means emails are optimized to work for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and desktop computers. Where possible, we will insert variable fields to customize the message.

Newsletter content

Want to send out a newsletter with content that supports your key messages and piques the interest of your readers? Each newsletter we create for you has a unique subject line and two unique content blurbs. Each blurb has a short paragraph, a call to action, a link back to your site, and a button. We’ll send you a draft of the email to review before sending the email newsletter out.

Mail out and track results

We’ll track results including opens, clicks, new subscriptions, and more. The numbers tell a story about what can be improved.

Deep analysis and recommendation

We follow through with deep analysis of historical data, combining data from your newsletter and from your website.  We will refine your next email blast with deep insights and suggest changes to your website landing pages.

Why we recommend the monthly package for building your practice

Successful email marketing involves a certain amount of trial and error. When we work with you over time, we use data analysis to tweak your message, gradually and continually building your referral network.

If you don’t have an established email program to start, we start you off with the Email Launch program for the first month.

Who owns the email database?

You do. If you choose to run your own email campaigns in the future using Constant Contact, MailChimp, or similar services. The service will be in your name and, if there are any monthly fees, you pay the fees directly.

We will never share your emails with any other client!

Who provides the newsletter content?

Our expert team can adapt content from your website. Ideally, the content will speak in your voice. If you don’t have enough content on your website, we can provide newsletter content.

Our team makes the process of building content painless. We ensure content does not become a stumbling block.

What if you don’t have enough emails?

Our team at Therapy Everywhere can help you build your email list, focusing on the people that you most want to cultivate in your referral network.

Take the next step. Grow your practice

Most of the clients that we work with weren’t running regular email blasts to generate business before employing our services. Their reasons probably apply to you as well. For gosh sake, you are a therapist, not a graphic designer, number cruncher, content writer, or master of one of the other dozen skills that you need to regularly create and send targeted emails.

Let us do the work for you. Sign up for the email package that makes sense for you and get started!

Do you need our help or can you build and run email campaigns by yourself?

At Therapy Everywhere we are committed to building your marketing funnel so that you can focus on the human relationships and care that you want to deliver.

If you don’t have the time or inclination for hours and hours of online marketing, networking, social media, email blasts, pay-per-click marketing, and effective website design and copy, then you should definitely reach out to Therapy Everywhere.

Not sure? Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation online consult

Not sure if email marketing will be effective for growing your practice? Read common myths about email for psychologists before you decide for sure.

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